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In the words of your happy customer - showing not telling. 

The Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs Success Stories

1. Starting at £150 success stories are fantastic value for money - the best ROI.

2. Success stories are incredibly flexible. They can be used in so many ways and on every platform, even print!

3. Success stories are testimonials on steroids - they tell a story that readers can relate to.

4. Success stories appeal to our curiosity about others - readers are drawn in and engage.

5. Your competitors are using them - showcasing how they are saving time, money, effort, plastic and the planet.

Success stories are hassle-free, evergreen, eye-catching, interesting, fun, emotive, informative, surprising......

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June, 2023

Sustainable products and packaging are the way forward, we all know that.

But sometimes it takes a bit of persuasion for us to try something different, even though we know we should!

Case studies are brilliant for this situation because we can see how Molly took the plunge and signed up for reusable containers with Splosh. She not only achieved the result she hoped for – reducing her plastic waste, but also found she saved money, time and effort.

A real person showing us that it can be done – this is the power of case studies!

Readers can now put themselves in Molly’s position and see that this change is really possible if it works for Molly and her family – why not you? The more of us that start to reuse the better shape our plant will be for future generations – which happen to be our grandchildren and their children – I'm sure readers will get the picture!


June 2023

I love this success story because the problem of finding the perfect present resonates with everyone.

We have all been there, scratching our heads and wondering if we can get away with giving a voucher this year!

But read on and Gemma provides us with a wonderful solution with personalised photo puzzles.

The story shows us that a Peekaboopuzzle is a perfect gift - look at the cheeky face of Stan who is clearly captivated by his family puzzle. Less plastic, no batteries, no tinny musical jingly sounds! (All parents shouting yes yes!!)

Adorable pics of cute toddlers help to bring the success story to life, but also remind us that these are real-life situations, not contrived or made up – that’s why case studies work. And this one reminds us that thoughtful presents that last are better for our world as well.


June, 2023

This story will resonate with any businesses trying to find training for their staff that doesn’t send them to sleep! Be gone ‘death by PowerPoint’!

Glenn at South West Clinical Training has a unique approach that he could spend hours telling you about – but how much more powerful is it to hear these words from the trainees themselves?

The quotes in this case study show how Glenn was able to inspire and motivate support workers to enjoy learning – and the outcome is an enthusiastic staff team who will do their jobs better and with real understanding. A win for the care home managers, for the staff themselves and most importantly for the residents.

The case study puts it all together and makes it easy for us to see why booking Glenn is a great idea!


June 2023

This could be considered a bit of a taboo subject but plastic pollution from period products is not something that we should be ignoring.

Martha at Fab Little Bag has a fab solution to an issue that affects many women and this case study shows how her product makes a great difference to this family (and their dog!)

The case study shows how Michelle, a busy mum, found FLB to be the answer to yucky clean up issues and we can all relate to needing less mess in our lives. Doing our bit to keep our oceans clean at the same time is a no brainer.

This case study paints a picture of the problem, the solution and the results. The benefits for us and for the planet really jump up and down with their hands in the air!



Copy Docs

Cheeky Wipes is a fantastic company that cares about the environment and its customers. It was a pleasure to write the success stories of these happy parents and their little ones who did the most important job of testing and modelling the products.

Presenting the case studies as a copy doc allows the company to use their own design and layout to suit their unique blog posts. Quotes can be used in social media posts and the challenge, solution and results can be the subject of an email sequence to engage readers in following the story to the happy ending!



June, 2023

This case study shows the power of collaborative working to achieve results. Tim at Green Small Business was able to coordinate a group of employees who were eager to make an environmental difference but weren't really sure where to begin.

With the backdrop of the stunning Lake District, this story is clearly able to show how important it is to protect the beautiful environment and wildlife on our doorstep.

With Tim's help, the team now have a Net-Zero Plan and can take action to make real, sustainable changes.



June 2023

This is such a great story because it shows how easy it is to make those important changes - even on your coffee break.

Bird and Wild Coffee help Bob protect the planet and support the RSPB a cause particularly close to his heart while enjoying tasty coffee - win-win! 

This case study clearly highlights the struggle that Bob was having to find a brand of coffee that was ethical and environmentally friendly, and how Bird and Wild provided the perfect solution.



June, 2023

Green and Blue are a fantastic (B Corps) company that tirelessly work to make a difference for wildlife.
Their products create a space for nature to live alongside us; beautiful bee bricks, bird and bat houses, as well as bird feeders, baths and all sorts of other clever ideas. 
These stories show just how easy it can be to respect the wildlife already living happily in the environment at the design stage so construction doesn't have to mean destruction.
With a little thought, we can live peacefully together.


sustainable brand

"This is an excellent case study, Lynne. I thought it really hit the mark."

Angus Graham Splosh

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