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Let's change the world together!

I love this page on a website – the opportunity to find out about the person/people behind the site – what inspired them to do what they do and what continues to motivate them.


If they seem open and friendly, if they share my values with their product or service, I am much more likely to choose them over a competitor – do you agree?


That’s why I love to work with words – we can’t change the world on our own, but working together can create amazing results. One word may not make an impact, but words together in vibrant, compelling copy are powerful – like a song or a story, something that resonates with the reader and makes them think. I love reading words that make me laugh, irreverent quirky copy is what I remember, like the Innocent smoothie branding (and I love the actual smoothies too)!


So I am inspired to write copy that makes a difference to sustainable businesses, and motivated by seeing how hard it can be to compete with all the market leaders who prioritise consumption. 'Buy! Buy! Buy!’ without considering the consequences.


I think that the best use of my copywriting skills is to shout about the great things sustainable business are doing. My work and study of the environment give me great insight into your target audience – I am your target audience in many cases! I am always on the lookout for creative ways to make my life more environmentally friendly, so I write from experience and from the heart.


I live in sunny (!) Cornwall which is another inspiration – I want to keep the dramatic coastline and sandy beaches beautiful and protect the wildlife from plastic. The more sustainable businesses thrive, the better for everyone.

I am supported in my writing endeavours by The Cat, whose mission is to get me away from my laptop for regular meals and treats.

I am fun and easy to work with but won't be satisfied with any less than the best. I am happy to chat things through until we get them right – your success is our success after all (did I mention the cat?)

​And the bee theme? I learnt about the importance of pollinators studying environmental sustainability. Bees are like words - industrious, clever, creative and work together to produce a great product - really sums up what we aim to achieve, doesn't it?


The power behind the throne/laptop

A rescue cat with an undeserved sad start in life, Dids has emerged as the undisputed queen and inspiration to be a better human!

If I'm having a lazy day, one look can speak volumes - those Dreamies don't come cheap!

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